Train times & tickets – Vinh to Hanoi

By train its takes between 5 hours 35 minutes and 7 hours to travel 301 km from Vinh to Ha Noi. Passengers can choose to complete this relatively short journey either during the day, or take an overnight train upon which they can book a sleeper berth.


Train Times from Vinh to Ha Noi

  • The fastest train service from Vinh to Ha Noi is Train #SE4 which departs from Vinh at 23:55 and is scheduled to arrive in Ha Noi 5 hours 35 minutes later at 05:30.
TrainVinhHa Noi

  • The slowest of the train services from Vinh to Ha Noi is Train #SE18, departing at 01:45 and arriving in Ha Noi at 08:45, a journey time of 7 hours 00 minutes.
  • 1st Class sleeper berths are available on Trains #SE20, #SE8, #SE6, #SE10, #SE2 and #SE4.


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About Ha Noi

Ha Noi is the capital of Vietnam, although a smaller and less developed city than Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh city) in the South. Ha Noi has retained more of its Olde World charm with maze of streets, buildings of different ages, and inexpensive restaurants and guesthouses. Ha Noi is the more interesting and atmospheric of the two main cities in Vietnam and to add to the pulling power of Ha Noi over Sai Gon, Ha Noi is close to two of the country’s major tourist attractions: Ha Long Bay and the hills of Sa Pa.

Hanoi has lots of historical buildings

Hanoi has lots of historical buildings

Ha Noi is the cultural centre of Vietnam with parks and museums throughout the city, as well a historic Opera House. The influence of the French Colonialists on Ha Noi is apparent in a number of ways. In terms of the architecture and the cuisine the French influence can be seen. There are many buildings which have been built using French design ideas and French style baguettes are commonly eaten along with very good quality coffee and patisseries. The less obvious influence of the French Colonialists on the people of Ha Noi has been a more negative one in relation to the experience of tourists in the city. For some local people there is a feeling that visitors from Europe owe something back to Vietnamese people for years of a having been taken advantage of during colonial times and unfortunately attempting to overcharge foreign visitors is a wide spread practice in Ha Noi. The way to deal with this is to negotiate fixed prices in advance, particularly for taxis. You might also consider booking hotels and transport online to take advantage of the fixed pricing system. Ha Noi is a great place and well worth visiting but it can also be hard work buying things and travelling around because of the constant overcharging.


Location of Vinh Train Station


Location of Ha Noi Train Station

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