Superior Room at the Huong Mai Hotel
Ho Chi Minh Hotels

Huong Mai Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City

The Huong Mai Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City is the closest hotel to Saigon Railway Station. The main station building is 280 metres walk from the entrance to the Huong Mai Hotel. Good points [Read more…]

Jade Hotel in Hue

Jade Hotel, Hue

The Jade Hotel in Hue is a popular small hotel located on one of the main streets in Hue. The hotel is 2.1 km walking distance from Hue Railway Station. Most of the route from [Read more…]

Chicken and rice on a Vietnam train
Vietnam Train Guide

Food on Vietnam Trains

There is a lot of food served on trains in Vietnam, and lot of negative things written about that food by foreign tourists travelling on trains in Vietnam. Some tourists have claimed that the food [Read more…]