The scenic Kalka to Shimla Railway Line
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Train travel in India

With around 67,000 kilometres of railway track India’s railway network is 25 times the size of Vietnam’s railway network, which has around 2,600 km of railway track. If you compare the amount of railway track [Read more…]

Electric train service in Malaysia
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Train travel in Malaysia

Malaysia has a relatively small railway network, with the heavy rail component covering 1,833 km of track compared to over 2,600 km in Vietnam and over 4,000 km in neighbouring Thailand. Malaysia does, however, have [Read more…]

Passenger train in Cambodia
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Train travel in Cambodia

Compared to Vietnam, which has over 2,600 km of railway track, Cambodia’s passenger train network is very small with only 612 km of track currently in use. Moreover, unlike Vietnam’s rail services which form an [Read more…]

Thailand Train
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Train travel in Thailand

Thailand has over 4,000 km of railway tracks, nearly double the length in Vietnam, which has around 2,600 km. Thailand also has a wider variety of different kinds of passenger trains in operation than Vietnam, [Read more…]