Train times & tickets – Hanoi to Da Nang

The most comfortable trains to book on the Ha Noi to Da Nang route are trains SE1, SE3, SE5, SE7. These trains are newer and have ‘soft seats’ and ‘soft sleepers’. Unless you take the earliest departure you will need to spend 1 night on the train and we recommend booking a ‘soft sleeper’ – the other option, ‘hard sleepers’, are exactly as the name suggests: hard. If you prefer not to sleep on the train then the best departure is train SE7 departing at 06.15 from Ha Noi, it is scheduled to arrive at 21:41, still early enough get a beer and a snack before you go to check into your hotel.


Times from Ha Noi to Da Nang 

Times of fast trains with soft seats and soft sleepers. There other slower, cheaper and less comfortable trains which also travel from Hanoi to Da Nang.

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Vietnam Train Tickets Tip

If you are taking the SE7 train book a hotel in Da Nang before you travel, it saves you trying to find a hotel late at night if the train is delayed.


Location of Ha Noi Train Station


Location of Da Nang Train Station


Travel to Hoi An

To reach Hoi An by train you first need to take the train to Da Nang. There is no train station at Hoi An and most visitors choose to take the train to Da Nang and travel by road from there.

Hoi An is 31.2 KM from Da Nang

Hoi An is 31.4 KM from Da Nang

From Da Nang train station it is only 31.2 km to Hoi An. There are three ways to get from Da Nang to Hoi An

  • By Taxi: Expect to pay upto 400,000 VND ($18)
  • By Bus: A minivan transfer will cost up to 60,000 VND ($3)
  • By Motorbike: On a motorbike taxi you will pay around 200,00 VND ($9) which is about half the price of a normal taxi and twice as exciting.


Da Nang Train Station to Hoi An

  • Distance from Da Nang Train Station to Hoi An: 31.4 km
  • Travel Time from Da Nang Train Station to Hoi An: 46 minutes

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