Train times & tickets – Ha Noi to Sai Gon

The train journey from Ha Noi to Sai Gon is a long one, taking 31 to 35 hours and more if delayed, and we do not recommend travelling in a hard seat or a hard sleeper as this is likely to become uncomfortable, especially towards the later part of the route. However, this is one of the great train journeys of the world and a must do on the South East Asian travel circuit. The scenery, especially between Hue and Da Nang, is spectacular and for most travellers this more than makes up for any discomfort associate with a long train journey.


Train Times from Ha Noi to Sai Gon 

Times of fast trains from Ha Noi to Sai Gon with soft seats and soft sleepers.

TrainHa NoiSai Gon
SE119:0004:10 (+ 2 Days)
SE323:0005.00 (+ 2 Day)
SE515:4504:40 (+ 2 Days)
SE706:1515:05 (+ 1 Day)


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It is worth it to book a ‘soft sleeper’ because this is a really long train journey; most of the trains take two nights to travel the distance from Sai Gon. If you prefer to spend only 1 night on the train then the best departure is train SE7 departing at 06.15 from Ha Noi.


Location of Ha Noi Train Station


Location of Sai Gon Train Station


About the Reunification Line

The train journey from Ha Noi to Sai Gon journey covers the entire length of the famous Reunification Line. This railway line has a special significance because it links the former capitals of North Vietnam (the Democratic Republic of Vietnam) and South Vietnam (the Republic of Vietnam) which were unified on 2 July 1976 as single state: the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The end to end journey on the Reunification Line is scheduled to take from 31 to 35 hours.

Notre Dame de Saigon

Notre Dame de Saigon

Two strategies to cope with a journey of this length: 1. Make it as comfortable as possible by booking a ‘soft sleeper’ seat well in advance. 2. Break up the journey by stopping overnight in Da Nang and visiting the historic city of Hoi An, which is just 31.4 km from Da Nang.

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