Ha Noi to Sai Gon Train Timetable

There are 5 direct trains per day travelling the entire length of the ‘Reunification Line’ linking Ha Noi in the North with Ho Chi Minh city (or Sai Gon as it is more popularly known).


Train Schedule: Ha Noi to Sai Gon

Ha Noi06:0009:0013:1019:3022:00
Nam Dinh07:4710:4615:1021:1423:40
Thanh Hoa09:3112:3717:1122:5801:16 +1d
Vinh12:0815:1119:5001:41 +1d03:32 +1d
Dong Hoi16:3619:4000:39 +1d05:50 +1d07:40 +1d
Dong Ha18:3421:2302:20 +1d07:36 +1d09:18 +1d
Hue19:5522:5003:47 +1d08:56 +1d10:35 +1d
Da Nang22:4701:43 +1d07:15 +1d11:41 +1d13:15 +1d
Tam Ky00:08 +1d03:12 +1d08:45 +1d13:23 +1d14:30 +1d
Quang Ngai01:21 +1d04:21 +1d10:05 +1d14:34 +1d15:35 +1d
Dieu Tri04:23 +1d07:25 +1d13:38 +1d17:41 +1d18:36 +1d
Tuy Hoa06:20 +1d09:21 +1d15:33 +1d19:21 +1d20:14 +1d
Nha Trang08:35 +1d11:23 +1d17:55 +1d21:22 +1d22:12 +1d
Thap Cham10:11 +1d13:17 +1d19:36 +1d22:56 +1d23:45 +1d
Binh Thuan12:39 +1d15:43 +1d22:07 +1d01:18 +2d02:14 +2d
Bien Hoa15:25 +1d18:31 +1d01:49 +2d03:59 +2d04:42 +2d
Sai Gon16:08 +1d19:11 +1d02:30 +2d04:39 +2d05:20 +2d


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The journey takes between 31 and 35 hours depending on which train you book. There are several different tickets types available for purchase on Vietnam trains, we recommend booking 1st Class Air-Conditioned Soft Sleeper seats if you are planning to travel the whole distance in one journey.

Monument to King Hung in Saigon

Monument to King Hung in Saigon

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