Train times & tickets – Nha Trang to Ha Noi

Ha Noi is approximately 1,300 km from Nha Trang and the journey by train takes between between 24 hours 30 minutes and 27 hours 30 minutes depending upon which train you take. There are 5 direct services on SE Class trains from Nha Trang to Ha Noi. SE class trains are better quality trains services than the cheaper TB class trains which also operate on the same route. 


Train Times to Ha Noi

  • The fastest train service between Nha Trang and Da Nang is Train #SE4 departing at 05:00 and arriving in Ha Noi 24 hours 30 minutes later at 14:15.
TrainNha TrangHa Noi
SE203:2504:50 (+1 Day)
SE405:0005:30 (+1 Day)
SE813:3015:35 (+1 Day)
SE616:3020:00 (+1 Day)
SE1022:5703:43 (+1 Day)

  • The slowest train service between Nha Trang and Da Nang is Train #SE6 departing at 16:30 and scheduled to arrive in Ha Noi 27 hours 30 minutes later at 20:00.
  • 1st Class sleeper berths are available on Trains #SE2, #SE4, #SE6, #SE8, & #SE10.


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Location of Nha Trang Station


Location of Ha Noi Station


Ha Noi to Ha Long Bay

Ha Long is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. The reason why Ha Long bay is so popular is the 1,969 limestone island islands. These islands vary in size and shape. Some of the islands are small, with sheer faces and uninhabitable. Other islands, such as Qan Lan and Bo Han, have sizeable human settlements and places where foreign visitors can stay overnight. Other islands, such as Cat Ba, have exotic flora and fauna and many feature caves and grottoes which you can visit. Cruise and tours around these islands are numerous and this beautiful area is also big business for tour companies. At its worst visitors can find that the commercialisation of Ha Long bay detracts from its natural beauty.

Boat trips around Ha Long Bay are very popular

Boat trips around Ha Long Bay are very popular

There are three ways to get from Ha Noi to Ha Long bay:

  • Organised Tour: This is the most expensive but also the quickest and most hassle free way to reach Ha Long bay from Ha Noi. You will normally get picked up from your hotel and taken direct to a pier to board a boat to cruise around the bay stopping at some of the islands and returned back to your hotel in Ha Noi. There are better and worse tour services so choose wisely.
  • Public Bus: There are numerous bus and minivan services from Ha Noi to Ha Long and from there you can take local transport to the bay. Tickets cost around $12 – $14 per person and the journey takes around 4 hours.
  • Train and local bus: The nearest train station to Ha Long bay is in Ha Phong, which is still 80 km from Ha Long bay. There is no direct train service to Ha Long and if you want to travel by train then you need to complete the final part of the journey by bus or taxi. The train journey from Hanoi to Hai Phong takes 2 hours 25 minutes and tickets cost $5.54.

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