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By train it takes between 5 and 8 hours to travel the 332 km from Sai Gon (also known as Hi Chi Minh city) to Thap Cham. Thap Cham is located on the route to Nha Trang, which is a further 102 km along the railway line. Thap Tham is an excellent place to stop over to break up the journey from Sai Gon to Nha Trang and a location with sites of historical significance and a good beach.


Times from Sai Gon to Thap Cham

There are 10 direct train services a day from Sai Gon to Thap Cham.

TrainSai GonThap Cham
SE219:30 01:45
SE422:00 03:25

  • The fastest train from Sai Gon to Thap Cham is Train #SE10 which departs from Sai Gon at 14:40 and is scheduled to arrive 4 hours 48 minutes later at 19:28.
  • The slowest train is  from Sai Gon to Thap Cham is Train #HNT8 which is scheduled to complete the journey in 7 hours 35 minutes.


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Location of Sai Gon Train Station


Location of Thap Cham Station


About Thap Cham

Thap Cham (also known as Phan Rang-Thap Cham) is a small coastal city with a population of around 160,000 people. Thap Cham is best known as the last capital of the Champa Empire. The Kingdom of Champa occupied much of Southern Vietnam during a period which may date from as far back as the 4th Century BC until the 15th Century AD, when the Vietnam defeated the Cham people many of whom fled from Vietnam after the war or were killed or enslaved by the victorious Vietnamese. The Cham remain a significant and distinct ethnic group, albeit one without their own home land, and have spread out in small groups across Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

Po Klong Garai temple near Tap Cham

Po Klong Garai temple near Tap Cham

There are two main sites associated with the Champa Empire near Thap Cham. The most visited, and easily accessible, of the two sites is Po Klong Garai temple which is 1.3 km walking distance from Thap Cham Railway Station. Indeed if you time your trains well, you can stop off on route from Sai Gon to Nha Trang to visit the temple and still have time to get back on a train to complete the journey to Nha Trang in the same day. Po Klong Garai temple was constructed in the late 13th Century and features three ‘Cham Towers’, which are brick towers with inscriptions in the Cham language and Hindu reliefs set into the walls. Po Klong Garai temple bears similarities to the more famous Po Nagar temple in Nha Trang which was also built by the Cham peoples. The other major Cham historical site near Thap Cham is the Po Ro Me Cham Tower which is located 16.8 km south east of Thap Cham Railway Station. You need to hire a taxi or rent a motorbike to get here from the train station. Po Ro Me Cham Tower is a single tower located in flat desert area surrounded by hills. The location is very picturesque and one are you likely to enjoy in peace and quiet as this site gets relatively few visitors. A long flight of stairs leads up to the door way of the tower and inside you will find a black and red relief of King Po Ro Me (the last king of an independent Empire) with the many arms of shiva emerging from his back. A poignant last reminder of a extinct Empire.

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