Trains from Thap Cham to Da Nang

By train the journey from Thap Cham to Da Nang is scheduled to take from 12 to 13 hours depending upon which train you take.

Train Times from Thap Cham to Da Nang

There are currently 3 direct train services a day from Thap Cham to Da Nang available to book online.

TrainThap ChamDa Nang
  • The fastest train from Thap Cham to Da Nang is Train #SE8 which departs from Thap Cham at 12:04 and is scheduled to arrive 12 hours 32 minutes later at 00:36.

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Location of Thap Cham Train Station

Google Map of Thap Cham Railway Station

Location of Da Nang Train Station

Read more about Da Nang Railway Station.

Google Map of Da Nang Railway Station

About the Hai Van Pass

The Hai Van Pass is a 21 km stretch of road over the mountains on the road between Da Nang and Hue. The pass starts about 20 km to the north of Da Nang.

Scenery on the Pass

The scenery on this high mountain road is spectacular and described by Jeremy Clarkson in the 2008 Top Gear ‘Vietnam Special’ as being “a deserted ribbon of perfection; one of the best coast roads in the world“.

Safety Driving on the Pass

Travelling the pass is not without danger as the gradients exceed 10% in places and the visibility can also sometimes be poor, although the road is a lot safer to drive now than it once was with the construction of a tunnel under the mountain thereby by-passing the road altogether. Since the tunnel was completed in 2005 the heavy trucks for the most part stopped using the pass and the vast majority of the people you will encounter on the road will be fellow sight-seers.

Hai Van Pass near Da Nang
Hai Van Pass near Da Nang
History of the Hai Van Pass

The pass was at one time a strategically important point forming a barrier between the North and South of the Country. Various different armies have fought over the control of the pass which formed the Southern Border of the Han Chinese Empire in the 1st Century AD.

The pass has also been the location of two major railway accidents, one in 1953 when a train when 18 passenger carriages went off a viaduct in the pass, and the other in 2005 when a train derailed coming around a sharp bend killing 18 passengers and injuring several hundred others.

Renting a Motorbike to Drive the Hai Van Pass

If you rent a motorbike the best advice is to check the brakes before you set off and to make sure that you do not accumulate too much speed on the descent so as to make it difficult to negotiate the sharp bends. Go slow and consider carefully where you stop on route to take photos of the view; if you stop in the middle of the road, or stop abruptly without checking your mirrors, you risk being hit from behind by other road users.

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