Trains from Ha Tinh to Hue

By train the journey from Ha Tinh to Hue is scheduled to take 6 to 7 hours depending upon which train service you use.

Train Times from Ha Tinh to Hue

There are currently 4 train services a day Ha Tinh to Hue.

TrainHa TinhHue
  • The fastest train service from Ha Tinh to Hue is Train #SE1 which departs from Ha Tinh at 04:09 and is scheduled to arrive in Hue 5 hours 50 minutes later at 09:59.

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Location of Ha Tinh Train Station

The mainline train station for Ha Tinh is Huong Pho Railway Station.

Google Map of Ga Hương Phố

Location of Hue Train Station

See more information about Hue Railway Station.

Google Map of Hue Railway Station

About Travel to Hue

Hue is a city of over 450,000 permanent residents scenically located on the banks of the perfume river in Central Vietnam.

The Imperial Citadel

This popular tourist destination is dominated by its Imperial Citadel from where the Emperors of the Nguyen dynasty ruled over Vietnam from 1804 to 1945, although in name only for much of period with real power exercised by the French colonial government. The Imperial Citadel is a UNESCO World Heritage site which attracts lots of visitors. The Imperial Citadel is surrounded by a wall as well as a moat and occupies an area of approximately 10 square kilometres. Much of the Imperial Citadel was destroyed in the Battle of Hue in 1968. Since then a large reconstruction project has taken place and the compound is gradually being restored.

Perfume River in Hue
Perfume River in Hue
Imperial Tombs

Hue has plenty of other attractions worth visiting. The Nguyen Emperors built increasingly impressive tombs on the outskirts of the city, the best of which is the Tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh which is built in levels ascending up a hillside with a fantastically ornate crypt on the top level.

Pagoda of the Celestial Lady

The other major attraction in Hue is the Pagoda of the Celestial Lady. The Pagoda of the Celestial Lady has seven levels and a formal garden at the rear. According to legend the pagoda was built to honour an old lady who advised the founding Nguyen Lord to build the city of Hue in its present location.

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