Trains from Hanoi to Thap Cham

By train the journey from Hanoi to Thap Cham is scheduled to take from 28 to 31 hours depending upon which train you take. Because of the length of this journey we recommend that you book a 1st Class sleeper berth which is the most comfortable seat type on standard Vietnamese trains.

Train Times from Hanoi to Thap Cham

There are currently 4 trains a day from Hanoi to Thap Cham.

TrainHanoiThap Cham
SE706:1011:21 + 1 day
SE515:3022:15 + 1 day
SE319:2023:17 + 1 day
SE1121:2003:48 + 1 day
  • The fastest train service from Hanoi to Thap Cham is Train #SE3 which departs from Hanoi at 19:20 and is scheduled to arrive in Thap Cham 27 hours 57 minutes later at 23:17.

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Location of Hanoi Train Station

See more information about Hanoi Railway Station.

Google Map of Hanoi Railway Station

Location of Thap Cham Train Station

Google Map of Thap Cham Railway Station

About Thap Cham

Thap Cham, where the railway station is located, is the quieter half of Phang Rang – Thap Cham city. Once separate towns Phang Rang and Tham Chap are now administered as a single urban centre.

Thap Cham

Thap Cham is the part of the city with the historical sites, whilst Phang Rang is where you will find the beach and all of the accommodation. If you are travelling by train it makes sense to visit the main historic site in Thap Cham, Po Klong Garai Temple, either after arriving at Thap Cham Railway Station or before departing by train as the temple is very close to Thap Cham Railway Station.

Po Klong Garai Temple

Po Klong Garai Temple is one of the best preserved of the temples built by the Cham people. The Cham were the dominant cultural group in Southern Vietnam until they were gradually displaced by the Viet people from the 12th Century onward. Thap Cham was the last capital of the Cham Empire and Po Klong Garai Temple, built in the 13th and 14th Centuries, is the the last of the great Cham temples built in Vietnam. The temple consists of 3 towers perched on a hill, although not as impressive as Po Nagar Temple they are certainly worth paying the 15,000 Vietnamese Dong admission fee to go and look around.

Po Klong Garai Temple in Thap Cham
Po Klong Garai Temple in Thap Cham
Phang Rang City

About 10 km by road from Thap Cham Railway Station is the scenic Ninh Chu beach in Phang Rang City. There are plenty of places to stay, along with lots of cafes and restaurants, and relatively few tourists especially compared to Nha Trang. Phang Rang is not a tourist town but you can find a limited amount of international food if you search for it. Phang Rang is, however, an excellent starting place for some stunning motorbike rides along coastal roads heading both south and north from the city centre.

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