Trains from Da Nang to Thap Cham

By train the journey from Da Nang to Thap Cham is scheduled to take from 12 to 13 hours depending upon which train you take.

Train Times from Da Nang to Thap Cham

There are currently 4 trains a day from Da Nang to Thap Cham.

TrainDa NangThap Cham
  • The fastest train service from Da Nang to Thap Cham is Train #SE3 which departs from Da Nang at 11:29 and is scheduled to arrive in Thap Cham 11 hours 48 minutes later at 23:17.

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Location of Da Nang Train Station

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Google Map of Da Nang Railway Station

Location of Thap Cham Train Station

Google Map of Thap Cham Railway Station

About Travel to Thap Cham

Thap Cham is the western half of the city of Phan Rang Thap Cham. This is the part of the city where the railway station is located and it’s around 12 km by road from the coast.

Phan Rang Thap Cham

Phan Rang Thap Cham City has around 160,000 permanent residents, and it’s a popular destination for Vietnamese visitors, but much less so for foreign visitors.

The main attraction for Vietnamese visitors is the 6 km long stretch of white sand beach lining the gently curving coastline of the city. The north half of this long beach is known as Ninh Chu beach, the central section as Binh Son beach, and the southern part as Pang Rang Beach.

There are plenty of resorts and restaurants in the Pang Rang part of the city by the coast. Virtually all of these establishments cater for the Vietnamese tourist market, and the city has relatively few places serving international cuisine. English isn’t spoken as widely as in more popular destinations such as Nha Trang and not everywhere has menus printed in English.

The facilities for visitors are far fewer in the Thap Cham part of the city by the railway station, however, this eastern part of the city has a very significant historical attraction, Po Klong Garai Temple.

Po Klong Garai Temple is close to Thap Cham Railway Station
Po Klong Garai Temple is close to Thap Cham Railway Station
Po Klong Garai Temple

Po Klong Garai Temple is located on a hill overlooking Thap Cham Railway Station, and it’s easily visible from trains as you pass through the station. The temple consists of three main towers, and some smaller associated structures. The walk from the train station to the temple is only 1.3 km.

Po Klong Garai Temple was built in the late 13th Century by the people of the Cham civilisation. The Cham controlled much of Southern Vietnam from around the 4th to the 14th Centuries before being displayed by the Viet people. Thap Cham was the last capital of a fading Cham Empire and Po Klong Garai Temple was one of the last temples the Cham people built before their empire can to an end.

Po Ro Me Cham Tower

Another temple built by the Cham at around the same time, Po Ro Me Cham Tower, is located 17 km to the south east of Thap Cham Railway Station. This temple is smaller with only one tower, but it has some other points of interest such as a magnificent relief of King Po Ro Me, who was the last King of an independent Cham state.

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